Resource Outsourcing and Telemarketing Services in Montreal


Telemarketing INBOUND

A company specialized in monitoring the needs and requests of its clients can include an inbound call center among its customer service tools.

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Telemarketing OUTBOND

Do you want to boost your sales and attract new customers to your business? Look no further, telemarketing services are here for you. With them, you can turn your prospects into loyal customers without even leaving your seat. So, don't wait any longer, because with our formidable telemarketing techniques, customers will come to you as if by magic (or almost).

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Hire an Expert

With the growing popularity of remote work, many employers are offering positions that can be carried out from home or in an office. Here are some of these job opportunities

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XP Resources: Elevate Your Business to New Heights

In the business world, contacts often play a crucial role in achieving one's goals. That's why we want to assist you in establishing them. Our telecommunication experts have developed unparalleled expertise in creating effective campaigns to help businesses increase their number of prospects, calls, transactions, and qualified website traffic. We are confident that we can do the same for you. To find out how, request a free strategy proposal now and receive a personalized game plan for generating elite revenues. With us, contacts are not just about numbers, but about lasting and fruitful relationships.

Several companies trust us to help grow their businesses.

Join us and take it to the next level..


Outbound Services


Our telephone prospecting service is designed to assist your business in achieving its goals by providing professional and effective outbound calls to identify new sales opportunities and expand your client portfolio.

Appointment Setting

By entrusting professional appointment setting to our experienced team, you can focus on your core business and save time by avoiding time-consuming administrative tasks associated with scheduling appointments.

Planning and Management

Effective planning and management also help minimize risks and disruptions that can occur throughout the production or project realization process. By having a clear vision of the different stages and necessary resources, you can anticipate potential obstacles and implement proactive solutions to overcome them.

Debt Recovery

Professional debt recovery allows you to quickly recover unpaid funds, maintain financial health for your company, and focus on your future growth. By outsourcing this process, you can concentrate on your main business and business growth, without having to dedicate time and resources to managing unpaid debts.

Inbound Services

Call Reception

Our dedicated team blends expertise and friendliness to provide your customers with a warm welcome with every call. Through swift and relevant responses, we ensure that each interaction bolsters your brand image. Choose quality and personalization. Choose our call answering service.

Customer Retention

Our professional call reception service provides a competent team to quickly and efficiently respond to your clients' calls, thus enhancing your brand image and improving customer satisfaction.

Email Management

Our professional email management service allows you to efficiently handle your inbox, sort important and urgent messages, and quickly respond to your clients' inquiries, maintaining clear and consistent communication with your audience.

Social Media Management

Our social media management service enables you to reach a wider audience and increase your online visibility while building an engaged community around your brand and creating conversion opportunities for your business. Our team of digital marketing experts will work with you to develop a content strategy tailored to your needs and business goals, using proven techniques to increase your reach and engagement on social media.


Data Entry

Our company offers high-level data entry services to ensure the quality and accuracy of the entered data. This service allows you to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and focus on more important activities. 

Market Intelligence

Our company's market intelligence service allows real-time monitoring and analysis of market trends and developments. This enables businesses to make informed and strategic decisions, track their competitors' performance, detect opportunities and threats, and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Accounting Service

Our company provides comprehensive accounting services to help you effectively manage your finances. Services include bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll management, tax and financial planning, and much more. Our team of experienced accountants listens to our clients and works diligently to ensure their financial needs are professionally and efficiently met.

Graphic and Visual Design

 Our graphic design service includes logo creation, user interface design for websites and mobile applications, as well as visual support creation for presentations and business brochures. Our graphic designer will be at your disposal to create the content you desire on demand, working closely with you to ensure the final result meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We use the latest design tools to create attractive and modern visuals while ensuring brand consistency.